Quiz: Test your knowledge of energy market terminology

1. What does AEMO stand for?

2. In the energy market, ‘transmission loss’ refers to…

3. What is a virtual power plant?

4. Generators that can be switched on and off and ramp their power output up and down according to market needs are considered ‘dispatchable’. Which of the following is NOT a source of dispatchable generation?

5. As of October 2021, how often is the spot price of energy settled?

6. To maintain the frequency of the grid, synchronous generators in traditional power stations spin at around __ cycles per second.

7. HELE stands for…

8. Which of the following is NOT a region of the National Electricity Market (NEM)?

9. ‘Underlying demand’ refers to…

10. True or false – gas-fired generators are often referred to as ‘peakers’ because they are usually located on top of mountains.