Quiz: Test your solar power knowledge

Solar energy quiz

How much do you know about solar energy? Do you know your solar panels from your solar plexus? Take our quiz and find out how much of a bright spark you really are!

The sun generates energy packets called…

Solar panels are made up of many solar cells, each made of…

In Queensland, a 1 kilowatt (kW) solar system will produce roughly how many kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy each day?

Which type of utility meter are households with solar power required to have?

When your solar panels produce electricity you don’t use, that power is exported back to the grid. What do you receive for the electricity you export to the grid?

The federal solar rebate is known as the STC scheme. STC stands for…

Generally speaking, north-facing solar panels will soak up the most sun and produce the most power all year round. But if you use most of your power in the morning, your panels should face…

Solar energy is a ______ renewable energy source.

Because solar energy is connected to the grid without rotating mass, it cannot supply the _____ required for grid stability.

Which Australian state had the most large-scale solar generation in 2020?

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