The Queensland energy market, explained.

Power stations play an essential role in generating the energy we need to run our homes and businesses – but like any machine, they require regular maintenance in order to keep running smoothly and efficiently. 

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Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, fueling our sun and all of the stars in the sky – and it also represents a major new export opportunity for Queensland and Australia. But how much do you actually know about hydrogen? Take our quiz to find out!
A single rooftop solar system could never hope to equal the output of a traditional power station – but what if you pooled thousands of rooftop solar systems and batteries together? That’s exactly what you can do with a virtual power plant, an emerging technology that could help shape the future of the energy system. 

National Energy Market quick facts


of transmission lines and cables are incorporated by the NEM


is the highest NEM demand record, set on Friday 31 January 2020


of large-scare renewable energy is currently in operation in the NEM

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businesses and customers are connected to the NEM

The Queensland energy market, explained.

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